In ATONPA (Ornithological and Nature Based Tourism Association in the Aragonese Pyrenees) we are committed to the development of the rural areas where we live as well as to the conservation of natural resources.

We are a group of professionals related to the tourist industry working for nature.

We are a solid multidisciplinary team. A group of people rooted in the Pyrenees aware of the actual potential of the Aragonese natural environment.

Aragon is a region with a singular natural heritage because of all its biodiversity. A privileged destiny in terms of nature-based tourism.


      Alberto Marín López


With 20 year experience, Alberto Marín has worked in almost all Pyrenean valleys in Aragon. He has done everything from guiding groups in the mountains to coordinating environmental educational programmes or adventure packages.

Climbing and mountain guide authorised by the Aragonese Regional Government.

Environmental educator, expert in natural heritage interpretation.

Non-formal educator and mountain guide for blind and visually handicapped people.

Manager and main guide at Senderos Ordesa, S.L. A company specialized in environmental programmes within Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.

          Ferran Guàrdia


Trained photographer specialized on technical and scientific photography Ferrán has a remarkable knowledge and love of wildlife in the Pyrenees, especially birds. He is now co-owner and cook at O Chardinet d’a Formiga, a rural lodge.

          Carlos Larraz


He’s been co-owner at Camping Laspaúles for more than ten years and board member of both the Tourism Association of Laspaúles and the Aragonese Campsite Association.

Having great knowledge and sensitivity for the natural environment in Isábena Valley he constantly tries to spread it among his guests in order to awaken their interest in the importance of biodiversity and the preservation of the territory.

Carlos is very keen on photography and collaborator in “Virtual biodiversity”.