lacasadelrioHotel La Casa del Río

Eight different charming rooms in the heart of Benasque Valley. A relaxing paradise for enjoying a personalised stay.

The smell of open fields, the sound of birds singing and the rippling water of Ésera River will be your companions while you are here. Enjoy the evenings with us in front of the fireplace.


danicaDanica Guias

Danica is a fishing and wildlife guide company based in Spain since 1994, since then and keeping the same motivation we keep on innovating. Danica fishing guides expands its horizons towards nature-based tourism with new mycology and flora sections.

Danica is staffed by a highly qualified team with lots of experience as far as fishing and wildlife is concerned.

 casamarquetCasa Marquet rural lodge:

Three very well-kept and spacious apartments right in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

You’ll be able to participate in country life, join a farmer’s daily life, get to know the close relationship between sheep and birds and take pictures in their natural environment.

Don’t lose the threat of our origins.



chardinetformigaO Chardinet d’a Formiga rural lodge

Our lodge bets clearly on environment and responsible tourism. Having the International ECEAT Quality Label certified by Ceres-Eco-tour we are offering sustainable quality.

Stay in one of our five charming rooms. Have breakfast enjoying the views and native birds. Have dinner tasting our own garden and other local products. Let yourself be carried away by Ferrán and Mireia’s pleasant treatment and their practical suggestions on this Pyrenean environment surrounding us.

 senderosSenderos Ordesa

Senderos Ordesa is a company placed in Sobrarbe County, in the heart of Pyrenees.

Together with our wildlife and mountain guides we’ll offer you a chance to know the valuable natural heritage in Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park as well as in other places in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

We are specialized in the interpretation of natural heritage.




Casa Fumenal Hostel

We are Carmen and Oscar, a couple of biologists with three kids. About ten years ago we decided to leave everything behind and come to the Pyrenees. We wanted to see our children grow in a natural environment, and we wanted to go back to our origins.

Rebuilding the house abandoned for half a century is our dream. We also keep on working on the fields and cattle raising. Horses and melifera bees have become very important.



Laspaúles Campsite

Due to its size Laspaúles is a peaceful and family campsite. It is fully equipped with all the services and facilities needed for a pleasant life outdoors, even for people with reduced mobility.

For us, children are the protagonists. To them, we have devoted wide spaces to parks, leisure, playgrounds, entertainment, workshops and a garden.

At the reception desk we’ll give you all the information about all the places you shouldn’t miss.

Laspaúles campsite is in short a place to rest, feel nature, taste local cuisine, visit astonishing places… and fully enjoy the four seasons of the year.


PiriNature is a rural company with a wide experience in the environmental and sustainable development sectors. It is placed in Benasque, in central Pyrenees.

This consultancy firm, promoted by Elena Parga, has the support of a network of experts specialised in natural environment, sustainable development, engineering, communication, social projects, economy and photography.

Together with PiriNature they are devoted to offer environmental and rural development initiatives.