Wild Pyrenees

Wild Pyrenees is an organisation that gathers a group of small tourism business located in mountain areas. They all have a common objective: the improvement of ornithological and nature based tourism products and their development in the Aragonese Pyrenees.
Wild Pyrenees is formed by owners of hotels, rural tourism lodges, campsites and specialized guides in observation of wildlife.
We want to improve visitor experience aiming at professionalism and nature conservation as main values.
We are very knowledgeable about our local resources so we can offer a global and quality service concerning wildlife and ornithological tourism.
On this site you’ll find the best offers as far as ornithological and nature based tourism is concerned and you will be able to easily plan your trip to the Pyrenees.



    The Pyrenees have a great biodiversity as well as a great variety of environments. We can find a typically Mediterranean climate as well as an extremely cold boreal conditions in the summits of high mountains. This, together with all the special geological conditions, give rise to the existence or a great number of species. (Read more)

    We offer guided walks. Not only do these routes help you discover the natural environment but they also give you the opportunity of bird watching in landmarks such as Ordesa and Monte Perdido National park and Posets-Maladeta Natural Park.
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    We are a solid multidisciplinary team. A group of people rooted in the Pyrenees aware of the actual potential of the Aragonese natural environment. Aragon is a region with a singular natural heritage because of all its biodiversity. A privileged destiny in terms of nature-based tourism.
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    In Wild Pyrenees we have the following partner enterprises: Hotel La Casa del Rio, Danica Guías, Turismo Rural Casa Marquet, Casa Rural O Chardinet d’a Formiga, Senderos Ordesa, Albergue Casa Fumenal, Camping Laspaúles y piriNATURE.
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